Elementary Particle Physics Laboratory, Department of Physics, Korea University

425, Asan Science Building, Korea University, Anam-ro 145, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea, 02841

(T) +82-2-927-3291 / (F) +82-2-927-3292


Elementary Particle Physics Laboratory (Sorimsa) is a laboratory of Department of Physics, Korea University. It is located in Seoul, Korea and the map of right-bottom side shows around of Sorimsa in detail. We study on high energy physics experiment, especially for the Belle and Belle II experiment which is being performed at High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) in Japan. Our researches cover all of high energy physics experiment - Physics analysis, hardware as a apparatus and computing for methods of the experiment.

Since the Sorimsa was established, many talented students have received their degree in Sorimsa. Now, many of them continue their physics careers in many institutes and play important roles.

Access to Sorimsa


Line 1: At Shinseol-dong station, Exit #1, by bus #04 (local bus) (~10 min.)

Line 2: Same with the case of using Line 1

Line 4: At Sungshin Women’s University station, Exit #3, by bus #04 (local bus) (~10 min.)

Line 6: At Anam station, Exit #4, by walk (~10 min.)

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Asan Science Building (아산이학관) 425, Korea University

Anam-ro 145, Seounbuk-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea